Our Team

We are a small team dedicated to helping authors share their words with the world.


Micah J. Murray

Micah is a writer and web designer who specializes in creating websites artist and entrepreneurs. He has built nearly one hundred sites in the past five years, for clients including Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, and Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Micah is also a speaker and writer, and is in the process of finalizing his first non-fiction manuscript. 


Steve Goerger

Steve is a web developer with nearly a decade of professional experience working on web-based solutions for companies and individuals. He also has a MFA in Creative Writing. Whether you're looking for someone who can write literary fiction or compose lines of HTML, Steve is your guy.


Luke Frederick

Luke develops digital products that solve a specific pain point within a given market by working with organizations, influencers, and investors. Over the last 15 years he has helped more than 300 organizations with their online strategies. He is currently the Director of Innovation at CESO.


Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is an agent and publishing coach, working with authors on both fiction and nonfiction. A publishing industry veteran since 1995, she has worked inside two publishing companies and worked with more than 150 authors to bring their books to publication.