We know that building an author website can be expensive, exhausting, and confusing. That's why we created Author Blog.

We provide professional web design services so you can skip the hassle of do-it-yourself website builders while also avoiding the price tag of a full custom site from a website design agency.

Here's what you'll pay with Author Blog:


Web Building Service:  $1500

This flat fee includes the design, build, and launch of your very own AuthorBlog site. Our team will work closely with you throughout this process to ensure that your site looks just how you want it. Once it's launched, we'll walk you through the back end of the site and answer any questions you may have.

This fee is broken up into two payments: a $500 deposit before we begin your project and a final payment of $1000 before we launch.


Hosting Fee:  $25/month

Every website needs to pay rent in order to live on the internet. We use managed top-of-the-line hosting to eliminate concerns about reliability or security. This fee includes speed optimization, malware monitoring, and daily site backups.


Maintenance & Support:  $55/month

Like everything else in the world, websites need a bit of regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly and to help avoid frustrating break-downs in the future. With this add-on service, our team will do monthly service checks to make sure everything looks good on both the front and back end of your site.

Every month we'll do a visual inspection of your site for any broken code or site errors, scan and repair malware, test contact forms and buttons, update all plugins, and provide a report via email of anything you should be aware of on your site.

Additionally, this package includes one-on-one support for any questions you have about your website or domain. Instead of spending frustrating hours searching the internet for answers, just shoot us an email and we'll point you in the right direction.

And when it's time to make changes to the content of your site, we're here to help you with that too. This Maintenance & Support package gives you the ability to fix, tweak, add, remove, or change anything words or images your site with up to an hour every month of hands-on design service included.

We strongly recommend that all clients include this package for their peace of mind, and we include the first month of Maintenance & Support free with every new site. If you don't want to continue with this plan, our team will still be available to answer questions and make changes to your site for an hourly rate of $150.


Full Custom Design:  Contact for Quote

Our templates are designed to meet the needs of most authors without any additional costs. However, we understand that some clients and projects require fully custom websites beyond the scope of our standard services. To learn more about our full custom design services, fill out our contact form and include as much detail as possible about your project. A member of our team will contact you to talk about pricing and details.