Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

You'll tell us a bit about yourself and your project. Then we'll contact you to talk about your project and answer any questions you have. After that, we'll collect a $500 deposit and get started. You'll send us a bunch of content -- images, text, social media links, mailing list info -- and we'll put it all together into a shiny new website.

Once your site is built, you'll be able to check it out and make any changes or additions you'd like before it goes live. Pretty soon, you'll have a beautiful new site that you love. We'lll hit the switch to send it out into the world, you'll post a link to it on your Facebook page, and all your friends will say "That's a gorgeous new site. I love it and I love you!"


Will I be able to add or edit content on my site?

Yes. You will be able to log in to your site, edit content, add blog posts, and update plugins. If you've used WordPress in the past, you'll already know your way around the basics. If you have questions, we'll be here to help you out.

If you would like to make major changes or additions to your site after the launch, our team will be available to do ongoing work at an hourly rate.


Can I use my own web host?

In our years of web design work, we've tried most of the bargain web hosts out there: HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc. We've found that trying to save a few bucks on hosting leads to alot of headaches and terrible customer service. experiences. That's why we seamlessly integrate premium hosting into our web design services.

However, if you want to migrate your complete website to another host after our design process is completed, that is up to you. We are only able to offer support and maintenance services for sites hosted through us.



I'm overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin.

That's not even a question, but that's ok! We understand that websites can be an overwhelming and confusing project. We're here to help. A member of our team would love to hop on the phone with you to talk about your project and help you figure out the best path forward. Just fill out our contact form and mention that you'd like a complimentary coaching call. We'll set something up!